Great performing data in the cloud doesn’t need to cost a fortune

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Modern businesses need modern storage solutions

Scaling your Isilon data is critical but investing in on-premises hardware can be complex and costly. As such, organizations are evaluating cloud-based solutions, but are hesitant to move volumes of data over a slow network.​

Learn how SoftNAS makes cloud-based networked storage easy and possible with:

Improved network reliability to quickly and securely transfer data from your Isilon datacenter to the cloud over a noisy network.

Continuous data syncs to ensure critical application data is up to date and in production during replication.

Reduced costs with automated data aging and migration policies to dynamically tier storage.

Imagine a networked storage solution that supports your most critical business data while unlocking new capabilities backed by the cloud, without the high price tag

SoftNAS makes bringing on-premises Isilon data to the cloud fast, easy, and possible by seamlessly connecting to your Isilon data and replicating it to the cloud provider of your choice. This eBook will guide you through the technologies and features SoftNAS offers to make building a storage solution on the cloud easy.

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