Get a demo of SoftNAS Cloud with a cloud solutions expert. Software-defined Cloud NAS for AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware vSphere, supporting NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and AFP file protocols.


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SoftNAS Cloud® is a leading Cloud NAS software solution. It is also a data control and management platform used as an on-ramp and express lane to cloud-enable your critical business data, revenue-generating SaaS apps, and legacy applications. Avoid latency issues and outages that can occur with shared cloud services. Gain flexible cloud solutions, ultra-fast transfer speeds, and exceptional performance with a single private and dedicated platform. SoftNAS Cloud acts as a bridge to connect existing business applications and data to the cloud, helping you deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

  • Move unlimited data and workloads to AWS or Azure
  • Get blazingly fast speeds for massive data volume transfers
  • Cloud-enable existing business applications
  • Get rock-solid performance for any environments
  • Connect islands of data, regardless of the location
  • End runaway costs with controls and innovation